Common Scab of Potato Tubers


Citation: 2006, Iraqi Agriculture (Extension), 2006, No.2: 32-33.


          Potato is subject to attacks by numerous phytopathogenic agents that cause variable damage. Common scab, incited by Streptomyces scabies is a wide spread disease in almost all potato field in Iraq. Disease establishment in Iraq due to susceptibility of cultivars, active pathogen and suitable environmental condition particularly the soil conditions. The causal agents live in the soil and on the infected tubers that left in the field during the harvesting period. The pathogen spread to other potato field through irrigation water, infested soil, infected tubers and the workers and farmers. To control this disease, planting resistant cultivars, planting healthy tubers, adapt crop rotation, use fungicide or biobesticides, avoid any drought conditions during tuber development and avoid using fresh manure in potato field.                                             


Key Words: Potato, Streptomyces scabies, Disease control




المصدر: Citation: 2006, Iraqi Agriculture (Extension), 2006, No.2: 32-33.
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