Inheritance of barley loose smut resistance in Natans and Compana cultivars

 M.A. AL-Hamdany, J.A. Sabar and A.K. Taqi

Citation: 2003. Iraqi J. Agric. 8(3): 1-7.


          Two crosses between barley cultivar Numar with two sources of loose smut resistance Natans and Compana demonstrated the dominance nature of disease resistance in f1 progenies of both crosses. The segregation ratio of healthy and infected plants in f 2 progenies of both crosses indicated that the loose smut resistance in both sources was conditioned by two gene pairs with epistasis pattern. The probabilities of 15 healthy to 1 infected plant were 0.75 to 0.50 in Numar X Natans and 0.75 in Numar X Compana.                                                                    


Key Words: Barley, Loose smut, source of resistance,



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