Three field trials was conducted in Ismailia governorate, Egypt during the seasons 2009, 2010 and 2011 to evaluate the efficacy of twelve granular and liquid chemical nematicides produced by different companies and three bio-nematicides on populations of root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne javanica infesting banana and grape and citrus nematodes, Tylenchulus semipenetrans infesting orange as well as crop productivity. Among all chemical nematicides applied on banana, cure (oxamyl SL 24%) treatment at the rate of 15 ml/mat twice surpassed other treatments in reducing rate of nematode build-up with value of 0.24, followed by nemacur G 10%  at 30 g/mat and vydate SL 24 % at 15 ml/mat twice  treatments with the same value of 0.31 each, whereas nemathorin G 10 % treatment at 3 g/m2 recorded the lowest reduction percentage of the same criterion with value of 0.50. Application of nemacur G 10% and vydate SL 24% gave the highest increment percentage in crop productivity with value of 65.6 % each, followed by cure treatment (59.2 %).   

Nemathorin treatment at 12.5 kg/feddan accomplished the best results in improving the production of orange fruits and reducing rate of T. semipenetrans build-up as well where the percentage increase value of productivity averaged to 91.8% and the reduction percentage value of nematode build-up averaged to 82.9%, but no significant differences were noticed among all nematicides tested. The highest reduction in rate of M. javanica build-up was obtained when grape trees treated with vydate 24% SL at the rate of 5 L/feddan twice that amounted to 0.29 as well as the highest percentage increase of crop production with value of 90.2%. It was clear that chemical nematicides gave more efficient control of nematode population density than the bio-nematicides for an immediate control on grape trees. Among all tested bio-nematicides, QL Agri 35 decreased rate of M. javanica build-up and increased grape production to the maximum with values averaged to (0.57 and 7.50).

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