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Seminar Scenario proposed for the role of social service

 In the face of the problem of domestic Otv Applicable to the study of associations working in the area of Aswan Governorate Erp

The preparation of the researcher / Hazem Abdel-Radi, Ali Abu Bakr And fame / Hazem Abouhbaishe

Within the requirements to obtain a bachelor's degree in Social Work Under

 the supervision of Dr. / Mr. Hassan Bisatti Part I

 ,,,,, Part I ((conceptual framework)) *

 The first chapter .. It features the following ... _

 First: Introduction

 _ Second: the problem of the study _ Third: the importance of the study _ Fourth: The objectives of the study _ V: Research Questions _ VI: Concepts Study

* _ First: Introduction Mndhu the dawn of human history and family Taatbw important place Fey community but the whole world (1) The family is the first step to build a community, a cell core and the beating heart and the axis of movement and tongue express it through which society sees its members and also sees individuals society (2), and the importance of the family lies in maintaining the survival of mankind through marriage and also directed that determine the actions of Agradha is that shape their lives and they impart Aliehm characteristics and Tabiathal family is the source composition of social awareness and national heritage of civilization, a source of customs and traditions and Allaraf, rules and behavior and by the socialization process (3), despite differences in culture of a society for every other community but all communities are estimated family and religions elevated value of the family Vadianp Islamic urged the love and affection within the family and compassion for Aldger and great respect and obedience to parents As well as Christianity urged the interdependence of family because the family is something sacred and secret to God and the society's entity and that any imbalance in the family threatens the security of the family, but also threatens the security of society as a whole. The phenomenon of deep-seated phenomenon of violence history, past and present Ihtpy on many of the stories reflect that like the story of Joseph peace be upon him and what he did his brothers, which embodied the finest embodiment of the Koran in Alsourpukanoa Arabs before Islam, they buried their daughters alive for fear of shame And also in the era of the Romanian state, where they were Bcoy their children to beg them (4) In spite of all this that the phenomenon of domestic violence drew the attention of scientists in recent years because of the multiplicity of forms of violence within the family and because of the further spread of this phenomenon, scientists interested in studying. - And the violence is directed towards the conduct causing harm to others, and also is related to all aspects of anger and aggression. - There are many reasons for the violence and varied sources and forms and (5), And Iatbrazahrp domestic violence of the most important and most serious problems afflicting the world right now where he might have proved that studies the phenomenon of domestic violence is a global phenomenon plaguing all societies in the world, whether Western or Eastern, Han violence causes many, many, and most important of these causes of ill-socialization, low Almstpy cultural and educational to the family and also lower the economic level may be the cause of the causes of increased violence within the family where on examination proved Ehab appealed that 28.7% of Abate low-income punished their children by beating compared to 19.9% of parents with access highbrow and not the direction of her assailed the violence to institutions Alqatutep of the causes of an increase in violence (6) And violence within the family may lead their personnel to Artkabi crimes that are not threatening their future only threatens the future of society as a whole hence the need arises the need to study this phenomenon in a serious attempt and meaningful to know it and the factors affecting it and the reasons behind this and how to reduce them. * _ Second: the problem of the study: The family is the first human in society, which is the basis of a society and a source of morality and the first pillar of the controlling behavior (7). _ The family as defined by Mustafa Khashab: Is the group's humanitarian regulatory mandated duty of the stability and development of society through the strengthening of the behavior of its members to stress a civilization in it which works to create an individual is beneficial to the community, a social institution of the parties are indispensable to one another, a guy and women and is the family of great importance not only locally but on the level of the whole world (8). The importance of the family to being the number of jobs are incubator the first to rear the peoples and nations through the breeding of its members as much as the success of the family in the education of its members, breeding true as far as their contribution to building community and strengthening and treating him and is considered to cradle the first social education of the child (9). And Aldinat heavenly elevated value of the family shed where the Muslim faith, that of keeping his family Aalth to the rank of the martyrs, where "The Messenger of Allah and peace and blessings," who died defending his family is a martyr " Hadith and recommended the need to preserve the family as "The Messenger of God" and prayed God be upon him "you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock in the mother house of her husband sponsor and responsible for her flock" And also in Christianity, where stressed the need to maintain the cohesion of the family and that sacrament should be maintained and this indicates that the cult religions of the family?. In fact, not the Egyptian society and the only one who suffers from the phenomenon of domestic violence the whole world is suffering from one degree or another, has come under Western societies, to a large number of incidents of violence within the family, such incidents of torture and abuse of children and sexual relations with incest of children and killing of wives and abuse Seniors any member of the family that the whole world suffer from this phenomenon. In spite of that did not understand the scientists, doctors and lawmakers that the phenomenon of domestic violence a serious phenomenon Cditha This is due to a small number of those interested in this topic because the family a place of love and affection and not Allah shall provide to the violence, but multiple forms of violence within the family interested scientists studying?. _ * There are multiple reasons lead to this phenomenon, including: * Social reasons such as the absence of general standards of conduct in the areas of life and decrease the value of respect for others and patriarchy within the family. * The psychological reasons are that the violence is a way to prove manhood, and the tension caused by the presence of some unsaturated needs. * Low level of economic decline and social status to find the cause of violence * Ill-socialization of the causes of violence within the family to find, such as gossiping, lying, and not to do religious duties. * Different standards and culture of both spouses help to create violence. * Increase of domestic violence in the circumstances of migration husbands or wives to work abroad. * Happens when children learn is through punishment intended parents the same way as they lead to violence in their behavior That domestic violence experienced by female weakness of sexual violence suffered by male 58.4% versus 32.2%, indecent assault is higher among males 20% versus 4.6% among females, while the spread of violence outside the family between males 20.4% versus 6.8% among female? Beating most types of physical violence prevalent among females, where 42.30% versus 23.6% male, insults are the most prevalent types of moral violence between the sexes, where 67.91% for males compared to 61% for females? And lack of interest is the most prevalent among females 31.5% 25% Bbzkor we meet and this is due to the qualitative distinction. Given the importance of the problem of the study arise researcher to study in some organizations of the family and it was necessary to clarify the role of social service in the face of the problem of domestic violence and to develop methods and plans of treatment to eliminate this phenomenon so as not to result in the emergence of problems threatening the security of family members and the security of their community He invited us to study this phenomenon . _ * Third: the importance of the study: The importance of domestic violence for many of the points: 1 - The problem of domestic violence of the most important problems facing society. 2 - The problem of domestic violence threaten the security and stability of society. 3 - The problem of domestic violence problems that lead to the phenomenon of family disintegration. 4 - the prevalence of domestic violence significantly in recent times. 5 - the multiplicity of psychological and social diseases resulting from domestic violence. 6 - The problem of domestic violence are reasons behind the spread of the phenomenon of street children must be its clash. 7 - generated by the research carried out on this phenomenon. 8 - Altcherat facing domestic violence are few. * _ IV: objectives of the study: *- The overall objective of the study: Identify the role of social service in the face of the problem of domestic violence. *- Sub-objectives of the study: 1 - identify the problem of the family. 2 - known to the general characteristics of domestic violence. 3 - to know the reasons Anhv families. 4 - the most important solutions proposed to address this phenomenon. 5 - Learn the role of NGOs in the Assembly of the family to address the problem of domestic violence. _ * V: study questions: This study attempts to answer the following questions: 1 - What is the most important forms of family violence. 2 - What is the most important agerasia domestic violence. 3 - What is the most important solutions proposed by our point of view to address domestic violence. 4 - What is the role of social service in the face of the problem of domestic violence. 5 - What is the role of NGOs in the Assembly of the family in addressing the problem of domestic violence. * _ VI: Concepts of the study: This study addressed many of the different concepts that revolve around the theme of the study: *- First: Family: *- One of the scientists knew the concept of family Katale: "Burgess Burgess", where he focused this definition, the importance of social roles, which is a "group of Ala_eskhas associated with bonds of blood or adoption Adoptlon components beard living an independent, interactive, sharing the social life all of it to another and each of its members, the husband and the wife's mother and father and son and daughter culture shared" Second: Domestic Violence: *- One of the scientists knew the concept of violence Katale: "Philip Bruno phelep" Hmat where he focused on the definition of extreme violence leading to death and defeat "force, which directly attack the other person experiences individuals or groups with a view to controlling them by death, destruction and subjugation or defeat" * III: Social Work: Known to scientists as "Ahmed Kamal Ahmed" This definition refers to "scientific methods to serve the human and social system solves the problems and help develop their abilities and social systems in society is bound to do its part and create social systems community needs them to achieve well-being of its personnel" *: IV: The problem: One of the scientists knew the problem looks like this: Where This definition refers to the effect of disability on the part of the problem to one of social systems core, which is a matter or matters of such Assembly, which deals in a number of individuals in the community so as to prevent their roles with social according to the overall framework agreed upon and are usually the problem with the impact of a disability of one of basic social systems. *: V: Role: * Define one of the scientists role is as follows: when he referred to this definition: 1 - a pattern of reaction is expected of all members of the collective. 2 - User behavior interpreted in the light of the expectations of the role *- As is the pattern of behavior expected of a person who holds a certain social status during its interaction with other people who hold other social are conditions within the lines. * References to this Chapter: 1 - Magda Abd El Ghany: the phenomenon of violence within the family, the Egyptian ", Cairo, 2003. P. 4 2 - Mr. Hassan Bisatti: agerasia Aswany divorce in society from the viewpoint of divorced men and women .2009. P. 24 3 - Hadi essential. Family and the environment. Alexandria. .1998 Modern university office. P. 7 4 - Ali Ismail Abdel Rahman. Domestic violence causes and treatment. Cairo. Alatjlo Egyptian House Library 0.2006. P. 13 5 - Ahmed Zayed and others. The violence in daily life in Egyptian society. Cairo 0.2002. P. 5 6 - Mr. Ramadan. Auspices of the entrance to the family and childhood. Alexandria. Gamab modern office. O'clock 269 7 - Hessa bint Malik and others. Family relationships. Riyadh. Dar al-Zahra. P. 7 8 - Fadia Abu Shahba. The phenomenon of domestic violence within the Egyptian society. Cairo 0.2003. P. 6

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The preparation of the researcher /  Hazem Ali Abu Bakr `Abd al Radi
And fame / Hazem Abu Hbaishe

المصدر: Source: compiled by the researcher seminar Hazem Ali Abu Bakr `Abd al Radi and fame Abouhbaishe firm under the supervision of Dr. / Mr. Hassan Bisatti Mr. Jadallah

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