The role of social worker in the institutions of Raipalamaakin


Needs of each social worker in the area to find out his role, and sometimes wonder what the duties Allazmalkiem to provide better service for the client.
At these points to clarify the role of specialist care for disabled Fimwssh may be that the benefit of those who are in this area:

1 Study the social situation of applicants who wish to attend or wishing to place material subsidy.

2 reception cases that are nominated to join the sections and the corresponding internal procedures.

3 Cooperation with the technical staff of the Centre to provide integrated care for residents.

4 participate in the work of technical committees and meetings and recording the follow-up decisions.

5 Preparation of programs and social activities that suit the nature of the resident Kalhflat and trips.

6 received observations of observers during the exercise and observe the daily activity behavior.

7 - the discovery of tendencies and skills of persons with disabilities and directing the appropriate direction to take advantage Manalbramj different.

8 supervision of the Centre's facilities and make sure Nzafthawalihrav on nutrition.

9 to work on strengthening the link with their families living with Toaipalosrp social awareness to accept the disabled.

10 received daily subsistence Mabagi team members, according to the specifications that have been identified.

11 Cooperation with a center to conduct research and studies for the development of the workflow.

12 the preparation of monthly reports and periodic and annual services of the Centre and its activities.

13 - Almroraleomi and the league on residents and ensure their safety and hygiene, immunization against infectious diseases.

14 Early detection of disability and to help these cases to benefit from the services of the institution.

15 to provide appropriate employment opportunities and career guidance, commensurate with their abilities.

16 assist persons with disabilities to benefit from the legislation and laws, whether in business or life.

17 enlighten public opinion means the problems of disabled persons and the media changed the wrong directions, which are considered disabled

Preparation / Hazem Abouhbaishe

Source: Some Web sites, seminars and lectures

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