Theory Jack Rothman
The Social Work profession and this depends on the practice of what was a social reality filled with many variables and relationships are intertwined and interdependent and complex relationship between variables, it seeks practitioner, especially in the way of organizing society to absorb those changes and understand all relations between them and to understand the problems of the community and determine Asil intervention professional for that The practitioner uses a theoretical model directs Mmarsenp.

We have started building models Amlio Tmahdip stage was based on the linkage between the variables important in practice and attempts to isolate, which came some of the variables of practice and networking between them and shall meet the following: ...

1 - try and Dane Martin Dobert Morris 1962: -
Where a link between each of the objectives of the practice and building the organization and strategies used

2 - Try to Roland and Ryan 1965: -
And the links between the three major variables are the degree of agreement on the goals and strategies and roles

3 - try and Wi Djoin Achtl: -
It linked the type of building strength in the community and between Alastratejat

4 - try to Bloom and Miranda Meyer: -
And tried to link the goals and strategies

- The truth is that all these attempts have resulted in the recognition of multiple forms of the practice of the organization of society and also paved the way for the emergence of theoretical models of integrated practice, which led to the emergence of theory Galak Rothman

Theory Jack Rothman 1968: -
It emphasizes the multiplicity of forms of practice how to organize the community to the point that Jack Rothman decide at the beginning of the theory that it is better to talk about ways to organize the community and not soft, the organization of society

- The theory of Jack Rothman appeared the most important attempt so far to determine the structure of the Nzerio community organization with a detailed explanation of all the dimensions and variables practice

- This structure is theoretical benefit in two ways: -
1 - Almmarsien use field guides and intervention professional.

2 - take advantage of the researchers:. Isttaion where to draw hypotheses are selected in the field

- The main theory Rothman at: ...
(1) - theoretical models Jack Rothman:.
Where the three models for the practice of the organization of society in the social service

These models are :....
1 - Local Development locality development
2 - Social Planning soial plannig
3 - Social Work socail action
(2) - that these models are perfect (ideal) and are an overlap in practice.
(3) - that these models are not all models and not a substitute for each other where they can mix them.
(4) - that form of these models fully with all the variables associated with the practice and tells a special vision.
(5) - The following is an explanation of these models: ...
A) - Local Development: -
It is based on achieving change in the community was through the participation of relevant community residents in setting goals and working to achieve them; is represented in the local community projects and is based on the use of democratic procedures and the voluntary cooperation and efforts Almanip and the development of local leadership

Aims to achieve the goals of education and learning.

And writings depicting this model are the writings of Ross and Marshall and Biddle Biddle Klinard


B) - Social Planning: _
It focuses on a process to resolve technical problems Almfalt community such as housing, juvenile delinquents and mental health.

Based on this, the essence of the artistic process changes, is a deliberate and calculated, planned and participation of the population are depending on the circumstances of the problem.

It is based on the idea of change in complex industrial societies; and also based on the delivery and provision of goods and services to those in need

It is organizations like this model (councils of social agencies, projects and programs, mental health)

The writings in this form. (Ktabataat Robert Morris and James Wilson)


C) - Social Work: _
Is the exercise of this form if you find a class or classes of society digestible rights and it requires her organization to demand large community resources appropriate and equitable factors, consistent with the DR

- It aims to bring social changes in the island of social systems and social organizations and the established methods of dealing Almizma and requests re-distribution of resources and changes in the policies of formal organizations

- And of organizations involved in this form (organizations, civil rights and advocacy organizations for black)

- The writings in this model (the writings of Sol Alinsky)


*- Practice variables in three models:.
Joule and the following shows an overview of each of these models to each of the three variables of practice: ...

 It looks like this .....

Practice variables
 Model of local development
 Social planning model
 Model of social work
Practice goals
 Emphasizes the goals relating to the operation
 Focuses on goals related to achievement
 Seeks to secure law and specific legislation and changes
Societal conditions that require professional intervention
 Seeks to interest the national community without focusing attention on the local community
 Consideration to the community that suffers from the problem must be faced
 Seen from the perspective of the distribution of power and resources where there is social injustice of it turned a blind eye category Masnp
General plan to make the desired change
 Change occurs through the participation of community residents from the front of the agreement and participation
 Occurs through the compilation of facts and data and statistics that accurately portray the situation and choose a way to solve the problem
 The change by collecting and organizing the ranks of the oppressed to acquire the power crisis to put pressure on their enemies
Strategies and tactics
 Use the strategy of persuasion
  Use the strategy of persuasion and conflict
 Use the strategy of conflict
The roles of worker and organizer of the tool that works through
 Use the role of encouraging and possible
 Use the role of expert
 Use the role of defender and Revolutionary
Look to build strength in the community
 Consider them as a partner in the work
 Consider them as employers
 Consider them as enemies must be confronted
Viability of the interests of society to reconcile with each other
 To be compatible with each other through the persuasion of the mind and logic
 You do not have to imagine the possibility of a fixed conciliation and Faisal here is by nature of the problem
 Conflicting interests and Mnsarap and not to bring them
Consideration for customers
 Consider them to ordinary citizens Atnem
 Consider them as consumers of services
 Victims of the system
View of the role of customer
 Consider them that they are positive Mchacon
 Consider them as participants to take advantage of services without participating in the design and implementation
 Consider them as employers and specialist staff have organized


I hope I Waaqid declared this theory to explain the


Preparation / Hazem Abouhbaishe

Student in the Faculty of Social Work Paswan 
theories of professional practice in community organization
Of Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Refaat Qasim - professor of community organizing - Dean of Faculty of Social Work previously
Source / book models and

المصدر: Student in the Faculty of Social Work Paswan theories of professional practice in community organization Of Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Refaat Qasim - professor of community organizing - Dean of Faculty of Social Work previously Source / book models and

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