Phrasal Verb



abide by Respect or obey
(the law, a decision, a rule)
If you want to stay at this school, you must abide by the rules.
account for Explain; give a reason I hope you can account for the money you spent!
act on Take action as a result of something The police acted on the call they received.
act up Cause pain or annoyance by functioning badly Dad's poor knee is acting up again.
add up Make sense; seem reasonable Her story just doesn't add up.
adhere to Support; follow; act in accordance with All contestants must adhere to the rules.
advise against Recommend not doing something The doctor advised him against carrying heavy loads.
agree with Have the same opinion as someone else I agree with you. I think she deserves the award too.
aim at Direct towards a target The policeman aimed his gun at the hijacker.
allow for Take into consideration;
Include in a calculation
You'd better leave early to allow for heavy traffic.
angle at Show from a particular point of view. The documentary was angled at young viewers.
angle for Try to obtain something by hinting. I suspect Tom's angling for a free ticket.
answer back Reply rudely  Don't answer back your mother!
answer for 1) Be responsible for something.

2) Speak on behalf of someone.
1) Normally parents have to answer for their children's behaviour.
2) I agree, but I can't answer for my associate.
appeal to 1)Plead or make an earnest request.

2) Be attractive or interesting.
1) The organizers appealed to the crowd to stay calm.
2) Camping doesn't appeal to me.
apply for Make a formal request for something
(job, permit, loan, etc.)
He applied for the job advertised.
ask after Enquire about someone's well-being. My mother is always asking after you.
ask around Mention it to people you see or meet. I'll ask around and see if anyone has seen your cat.
ask out Invite someone to lunch, dinner, the cinema ... John has asked Mary out several times.
avail (oneself) of Take advantage of something
(an opportunity)
When the company is privatized, you should avail yourself of the opportunity and buy some shares.

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