hit the road When you hit the road, you begin a journey.
It's getting late and we've got a long way to go.  Let's hit the road.
hit the spot If something hits the spot, it is exactly what is needed or wanted.
On such a hot day, a cool drink would really hit the spot!
hitch one's wagon to a star Someone who hitches their wagon to a star has great ambitions and is very determined to reach their goal.
At an early age she decided to hitch her wagon to a star and become famous.
hive of activity A place where there are lots of things happening, and everyone is very busy, is called a hive of activity.
When I went to offer help, the kitchen was already a hive of activity.
go the whole hog When you go the whole hog, you do something thoroughly or completely.
They put up a few decorations for Christmas, then they decided to go the whole hog and buy a tree and all the trimmings.
hold all the aces A person who holds all the aces is in a very strong position because they have more advantages than anyone else.
Given the high unemployment rates today, employers hold all the aces.
hold your breath If someone is holding their breath, they are waiting anxiously or excitedly for something to happen or be announced.
I went for a second interview today - now I'm holding my breath!
hold on for dear life If you hold (or hang) on for dear life, you grip something firmly so as not to fall.
Andy took his mother on the back of his motorbike where she held on for dear life!
hold the field If something holds the field, it has not been replaced and remains valid or is still in use.
The founder's management principles still hold the field today.
hold the fort When you hold the fort, you look after a place or a business in the absence of the person who is normally in charge.
Rosie, could you hold the fort please while I go to the post office?
hold good If something such as a statement, saying or theory holds good, it continues to be true, valid or applicable.
The author's version of the event still holds good.
hold your horses If you tell someone to hold their horses, you think they are doing something too fast and should slow down and not rush into further action.
Hold your horses! We need to get the customer's approval first!.
hold one's own If you can hold your own, you are well able to defend yourself when under attack.
We should ask Jane to represent us; she can hold her own in any argument.
hold the reins The person who holds the reins is someone who is in complete control of a company, firm or organization.
He's been holding the reins for over 20 years and intends to continue for as long as possible.
hold your tongue If you hold your tongue, you stay silent and say nothing.
Harry was of a different opinion but he decided to hold his tongue.
(not) hold water If an explanation or argument does not hold water, it does not stand up to critical examination and can be shown to be unfounded.
The reasons given for the government's new measures just do not hold water.

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