fiddling while Rome burns To say that someone is fiddling while Rome burns means that they are doing unimportant things while there are serious problems to be dealt with.
His visit to the trade fair was 'fiddling while Rome burns' according to the strikers.
field day A field day refers to a day or period of great excitement and activity.
Journalists will have a field day with the latest political scandal.
fifth wheel This expression refers to a person who find themselves in a situation where their presence is unnecessary and as a result they feel useless.
Everyone seemed to have a specific role except me. I felt like a fifth wheel
fight like cat and dog Two people who fight or argue like cat and dog frequently have violent arguments, even though they are fond of each other.
They fight like cat and dog but they're still together after 30 years.
can't fight the city hall This expression means that it is useless to try to win a battle against a politician, establishment or bureaucracy ingeneral.
Brian decided it was a waste of energy trying to obtain a tax refund - you can't fight the city hall.
fight a losing battle If someone is fighting a losing battle, they are trying to do something even when there is little chance of succeeding.
The headmaster is fighting a losing battle trying to ban mobile phones at school.
fight shy If you fight shy of something, such as a task, a problem or a duty, you want to avoid doing it or you are unwiling to confront it.
He had money problems for years but he fought shy of asking his children for help.
fight tooth and nail If you fight tooth and nail for something, you fight with energy and determination.
The Transport Minister fought tooth and nail to have the proposed road safety law accepted.
fight an uphill battle A person faced with an uphill battle has to struggle against very unfavourable circumstances.
After the terrible accident, his recovery was an uphill battle all the way. 
figment of imagination A figment of one's imagination is an appearance, event or incident that is not considered to be real but only imaginary.
Other people saw the car, so it's not a figment of my imagination!
(get it down to) a fine art When you learn to do something perfectly, you get it down to a fine art.
Entertaining her husband's business associates is not a problem for Jane;  she's got that down to a fine art!
fine-tooth comb To go over something with a fine-tooth comb means to examine it closely and thoroughly so as not to miss any details.
The police are examining the scene of the crime with a fine-tooth comb.
fine tuning Small changes to something to improve it or make it work better are called fine tuning.
We are still fine-tuning our new website and appreciate your patience.
have a finger in every pie If someone has a finger in every pie, they are involved in many activities.
For information about the activites in this town, you should talk to John Brown.  He's got a finger in every pie.

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