Genetics and Fish Breeding


Colin E. Purdom


      I hope that this book on fish genetics is complete in that it deals with genetics for all aspects of fish breeding, whether under captive conditions or within the natural environment. I have sought to bring a lifetime's insert in fish plus an almost equally long-standing interest in genetics together. Into a framework which provides for a functional assessment of these two subject areas. The breeding of fish under artificial circumstances for food or for recreation or aesthetic needs is of world wide importance the sustaining of natural populations is likewise of equal importance. Whether in connection with the harvesting of the fish for food or in terms of the conservation of natural species against environmental harm. Although genetics is implicated in the consideration of such matters it should not be invoked wantonly, but used in a functionally practical way. It is hoped that this book will be of practical value to scholars and breeders and to anyone else with an interest in fish by presenting a balanced account of practical fish genetics. It is frequently the case that fishery managers – using the designation in its widest sense – are unfamiliar with genetic principles. Likewise geneticists often lake basic knowledge of fish. I hope I can partially rectify limitations.

            The book has a strong historical backbone for which I make no apology. Genetics has a relatively short history anyway, and its use as a framework for applied work has two important connotations. First, it may reduce the tendency in today's hectic research world to ̎re-invent the wheel̎. Secondly, and of more importance it may reduce the wasteful temptation now prevalent in grant-seeking activity to reward the new research tool rather than the established approach irrespective of the use to which they may be put. It is the applied side of fish genetics that has given this subject its current great popularity – it should be encouraged further.

            This book is not a detached, annotated bibliography but tries to tell a tale. For this reason, some aspects of basic genetics are repeated in more than one chapter. Genetics is not represented by a linear array of concepts but by a web of interdependent ideas. I hope that the book will be informative to those needing information or simply interested in fish genetics. I hope also that it will be stimulating to those already expert in the subjects covered but still open minded about them.

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Prep. / Ayman Ashry
Rev. / Mahmoud Maher
Manage. / Zeinab Osman


المصدر: Chapman & Hall, London, UK
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