The aim of this work was to remove nitrate-N and organic pollutants from wastewater of the dairy industry by denitrification. An artificially prepared wastewater, containing 250 mg/l nitrate-N and 1.5 g/l whey powder, was completely denitrified with removal of 90%–93% of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) of the whey powder by suspended or immobilized mixed cultures and by a suspended or immobilized pure culture that was isolated from the mixed culture inoculum. For the above COD/nitrate-N ratio of 6:1, the results indicated that the organic compounds of the wastewater served as electron donors for complete denitrification and that there was no need to add an external carbon source. In batch denitrification assays the suspended or immobilized mixed cultures proved to be more active and reacted faster than the isolated pure cultures. In continuous denitrification processes with immobilized pure or mixed cultures, the alginate beads, used for immobilization, were not stable for more than 12 days of incubation. The mixed free cultures removed the nitrate-N and COD continuously with no change of their activity for at least 15 days at an optimum hydraulic retention time of 0.27 days with a loading rate of 900 mg nitrate-N l−1 day−1.




المصدر: G. Zayed and J. Winter Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Volume 49, Number 4, 469-474

Prof. Gaber Breisha

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Prof. Gaber Breisha

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