The experiment aimed to show the demonstrate of two spring grafting dates (2nd and 17th April)

and fertilization of local oranges seedlings grafted on bitter orange rootstock to compound fertilizer

(NPK) at 30 g/seedling, organic liquid fertilizer "Nutrigreen" at 6 ml/L and using three types of biofertilizers

such as Biogen at 3 and 6 g/ seedling, Potasiomag at 5 and 10 g/ seedling and Fulzyme at 1

g/ seedling as a nutrient elements. The experiment was designed using of the complete randomized

block design (RCBD) with three replicates and five seedlings per experimental unit. Averages were

compared using Dunkin test at 5% level.

The results showed that there were significant differences between the dates of grafting with

nutrient elements, while treatment of NPK compound fertilizer was superior to the treatment of 30

g/seedling comparison with the nutrient elements of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. In addition,

the organic and bio liquid fertilizers were significantly superior to the comparison treatment with the

nutrient elements of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the soil.


أ.م.د. أياد هاني العلاف

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