ABSTRACT: The seedlings of Sour orange grown in plastic bags under the conditions of the Lath houses of the Horticulture Landscape Design were treated with two levels of gibberellic acid (75 and 100 mg L-1) and three levels of liquid Nutrigreen fertilizer (2, 4 and 6 ml L-1) as well as all Interactions between them in addition to the comparison treatment in order to improve the vegetative growth of the seedlings, the study was designed according to the complete random design (CRD) by three replicates and 4 seedlings per experimental unit and used the Dunkin polynomial test at a 5% error probability level to compare the averages of the treatments, the results confirmed the treatment of 100 mg L-1 of gibberellic acid + 6 ml L-1 of Nutrigreen fertilizer significantly outperformed the treatment of comparators as the increase in the main stem diameter and leaf content of chlorophyll, and the highest increase in seedlings length was obtained for the treatment of Nutrigreen fertilizer at a concentration of 6 ml L-1 while recorded treatment 100 mg L-1 of gibberellic acid + 4 ml L-1 of Nutrigreen fertilizer the highest significant increase in the number of leaves as measured by the comparison treatment.


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