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Efficacy of Isaria fumosorosea against olive pests under laboratory and field conditions in Egypt

 .Sabbour M.M

Department of Pests and Plant Protection, National Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

E-mail: [email protected] Tel.: +202/01223305136 Fax: +202/33370931



            Isolates of the  entomopathogenic fungus, Isaria fumosorosea was tested against the olive insect pests: Bactrocera oleae, Ceratitis capitata and Prays oleae under laboratory and field conditions. Results obtained showed that the LC50 of I. fumosorosea for P. Oleae, C. capitata and B. oleae were 162, 176 and 168 spores/ml after treated with different concentrations the fungus under laboratory conditions. Under field conditions, results showed that during season 2011, The percentage of P. Oleae, C. Capitata and B. oleae, infestations were significantly decreased in plots treated with I. fumosorosea to  15±4.1; 19± 3.7 and 12± 3.2 individuals as compared to 40±4.4, 36±5.4 and 35±3.6 individuals of the corresponding pests in the control,  during season 2011 in  El-Esraa  (Nobaryia) after 90 days of post application. When I. fumosorosea were applied in the field, the percentage of infestations were significantly decreased in all both two  seasons.

             During the harvest season, the olive fruits weight were 3598 ±30.30 Kg/Feddan in the plots treated with I. fumosorosea as compared to 2200± 20.72 Kg/Feddan in the control during season 2011. During season 2012 the treatments trees with I. fumosorosea scored the highest weight 3890± 75.37 Kg/ Feddan compared to 1999± 86.50 Kg/Feddan among  the control trees.


Key words: Bactrocera oleae, Ceratitis capitata, Prays oleae , Isaria fumosorosea.


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