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Vitamin E deficiency

Also known as Crazy chick disease, Encephalomalacia

Vitamin E deficiency occurs worldwide in all poultry unually between 15th and 30th day of life. It is caused by a deficiency of vitamin E in the diet. 

Causes of Vitamin E deficiency

Vitamin E is required for reproduction and normal integrity of central nervous and muscular system. Vitamin E is also an effective antioxidant. It is an important protector of essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and D3. Young chicks, usually between 15th and 30th day of life are most susceptible. 


Mode of transmission

Vitamin E is heat labile. A deficiency of selenium will result in a deficiency of Vitamin E. Selenium levels in some areas are very variable, which may result in suboptimal levels in cereal grains.

Effects of Vitamin E deficiency

Incoordination, tremors, rapid contractions and relaxation of the legs results in the name "crazy chick disease".


Postmortem lesions

The cerebellum is softened and oedematous which may progress to haemorrhage and/or necrosis. 

Diagnosis of Vitamin E deficiency

Histopathology reveals diagnostic lesions in the brain, which includes ischemic necrosis, demyelination and neuronal degeneration. 


It simulates Avaian encephalomyelitis (AE), Newcastle disease and vitamin B1 deficiency.


Treatment & Control of Vitamin E deficiency


Proper storage of premixes and finished feed and proper amount of selenium in feed will prevent the disease.



Add the dietary ingredient to reduce clinical signs. Selenium is involved in vitamin E metabolism. A deficiency of selenium will cause a deficiency of E. A deficiency in vitamin E will also result in testicular degeneration in adult males and increase embryonic mortality.





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