Fast method for screening wheat genotypes to flag smut

 M.A. AL-Hamdany, M.M. Salih, A.H. Kadhem, H.A. Abas, F.O.Saleem, and N.R. Shuraida

Citation: 1998. Iraqi J. Agric. 3(1):28-34.


          To avoid the escape phenomenon in Urocystis agropyri infection on wheat, disease response of wheat could be demonstrated in 40 days at controlled conditions. The new method depends on the infection sites on wheat seedlings. Thus, resistance and susceptibility grade could be designated. The new method is quite suitable for detection resistance sources and for screening large numbers of plant breeding progenies.     

Key words: Wheat, Flag smut, Urocystis agropyri


المصدر: 1998. Iraqi J. Agric. 3(1):28-34.
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