Effect of gamma rays and EMS on Alternaria leaf spot on broad bean throughout four generations in Iraq.

 AL-Hamdany M.A. and M.M. Salih

 1985. Arab J. Pl. Prot., 3(2): 72-75.


          Seeds of broad bean cultivar Ekwadelgi were treated with gamma rays and EMS to improve host resistance against Alternaria leaf spot disease. The M1 progeny showed high variations in survivals and plant height. Regarding the behavior of M1 plant to Alternaria in all treatments, the pathogen has successfully colonized the leaves of all plants as indicated in the high coefficient of disease index (CODEX). During M2 and M3 generations, resistant plants were selected. The CODEX was sharply reduced on M4 plants. The final results indicated that M4 plants have a good ability to resist the disease. All resistant plants from M4 generation were selected and the seeds were saved for further studies.    


Key words: Broad bean, faba bean, Induced mutations, Alternaria leaf spot.

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