The influence of Vinca rosea powder integrated with or without Oxamyl on sunflower cv. Vidoc-5 infected with R. reniformis was studied under indoor as well as outdoor conditions .Results indicated that among treatments tested, Vinca rosea integrated with Oxamyl gave significant increase in the sunflower plant growth parameters i.e. whole plant fresh weight (92.29%), shoot dry weight (151.19%), seeds weight/head (98.35%) and seed- oil percentage (17.87%). Moreover, significant reduction in R. reniformis population density (88.85%), rate of build – up (105) and egg-masses numbers (0.74) was also evident over either Oxamyl or Vinca rosea or nematode alone . In addition, significant results of the same criteria were also recorded between Oxamyl and Vinca rosea over the nematode alone .These significant values were 85.32%, 1.97 and 2.78 for Oxamyl regarding reduction,percentage of nematode population density, rate of build-up and egg-masses numbers, comparing with 81.29%,2.51 and 3.5 for Vinca rosea over those of nematode alone respectively. Moreover, the significant increase of plant growth parameters (whole plant fresh weight, shoot dry weight, seeds weight/head and seed-oil percentage) were 32.53%,70.16%,27.37% and 13.64% for Oxamyl comparing with 48.92%,87.03%,34.04% and 14.24% for Vinca rosea over those of nematode alone respectively.


المصدر: EL-SHERIF, A. G.*;F.A.MOSTAFA*and A.E.KHALIL** *Nematology Res.Unit, Agric. Zoology Dept., Fac. Of Agric., Mansoura Univ. **Plant Pathology Res. Inst. Agric.Res. Center, Giza,Egypt.

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