An experiment was conducted to determine the impact of mineral fertilizer (NPK) individual or /and in combination on potato (Solanum tuberosum  cv. Nicola) on root- knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita under greenhouse conditions in Egypt. The treatment (combination of ammonium sulphate (20.5% N), super phosphate (15% P2O5) and potassium sulphate (48% K2O)) showed the highest efficacy in reducing the final population of root-knot population.  On the other hand; the treatment of potassium sulphate (K) individual showed the least effect.  

In addition all the individual or /and in combination treatments increased the fresh length, roots and shoots also, weight of potato tubers.

The combination treatment of ammonium sulphate (N), super phosphate (P) and potassium sulphate (K)) induced a remarkable reduction in the nematode population and improved both plant growth and tuber weight of potato plants. 


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ا.د./أشرف السعيد خليل

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