AESA, through the TA to the Marine Aquaculture component of the EU/AFD funded SASME project, has successfully designed and constructed in Egypt (K21-Alexandria) a new Concrete Marine Fish Farm.

The Farm has a total Area of 2.400 m2 and is made out of 6 fully equipped concrete ponds (Diameter: 16 m), a fish storage cold room and a 50 m deep underground well for water uptake.  At its full capacity the structure will produce about 16 Tons of fish for each growing cycle


The Farmed species will be Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Mullet and Red Tilapia. The farm was inaugurated on 07/06/2020

This facility will serve the Egyptian General Authority for Fish Resources Development (GAFRD) for the purpose of:
• Increase marine fish production.
• Better business & health practices.
• Creation of job opportunities and income generation.
• Uptake of best aquaculture management practices.
• Establishing Egyptian standards for fish farming (Mediterranean species)

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