Review of Training for the Period 1999 – 2009

      Worldfish Aquaculture Research and Training Center, Abbassa, Egypt

Worldfish Center

The world fish Aquaculture Research and Training Center is located outside Abbassa, a typical village in Egypt’s Nile delta. It is nestled beside the Ismailia Canal in Sharkia Governorate, approximately 70 km northeast of Cairo and 25 km east of the city of Zigzag. The Nile Delta is the most fertile region in Egypt, the soil consisting of rich layer of riverborne silt. The land has little elevation; some depressions are even below sea level. The average annual rainfall is slightly higher than in Cairo at 25 to 50 mm and the temperature range wider, from a low of 4˚C during the cool season November to March to a high of 40˚C during the hot summer May to September.

The village of Abbassa used to play a prominent role in ancient times and was visited by kings who enjoyed hunting for game and fishing. It is believed to be named after the son of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, who was called "Abbass". Ahmed Ibn Tulun (835 – 884 AD) founded the Tulunid dynasty that ruled Egypt briefly between 868 and 905 AD.

The Worldfish Center launched its regional research and training activities here in 1998. The site was chosen because Abbassa was already a centre for fish farming and aquaculture research. An agreement between the Egyptian government and the United States Agency for international Development (USID) in 1978 had led to the establishment of the National Aquaculture Center and later the Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research (CLAR) at Abbassa. Building on this foundation the Egyptian government invited Worldfish to establish its Aquaculture Research and Training Center at Abbassa and pursue its work there in partnership with CLAR and others at national and regional levels.

From three courses in 1999, the program at the Worldfish Center has grown substantially to 15 in 2009. A total of nearly 1.320 students from 98 countries have been trained over the past eleven years. The growth in training over this period reflected the growth in aquaculture in Egypt and globally, the need for trained technicians, and the growth reputation of the Center in this field. The unique location of Abbassa, the clean and quiet environment, and the variety of efficient facilities have been utilized by the dedicated staff to carry out one of the most successful series of training programs in the region.

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Prep. /Ayman Ashry

Reve. / Asmaa Ahmed

Manage/ Zienab Osman

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