Fishing Vessel Execution of Acoustic Surveys for Deep-Sea

Species: Main issues and way forward



This Circular describes the deliberations of the Workshop on Fishing-vessel Execution of Acoustic Surveys for Deep-Sea Species: Main Issues and way forward that was held at the FAO headquarters from 9 to 11 December 2009

The topics considered by this workshop included the conditions required at sea for successful fishing-vessel deepwater acoustics surveys, the equipment to be used and its maintenance, processing of data, the problems arising from uncertainty in the backscattering cross section-biomass relation, survey methods, the estimation of biomass abundance and the associated uncertainties, the nature of supplementary biological data that are required for interpretation of acoustic information, use of the results, funding of survey programmers and recommendations for considerations in implementation of fishing-vessel executed deepwater acoustic surveys.

The circular documents the meeting summary and the main recommendations with respect to general considerations, institutional and organization issues, applications at sea and operational challenges, vessels and equipment, survey methods, acoustic data processing and backscattering cross-section values, estimation of abundances, uncertainty of results, importance of collection of biological data, incorporating industry survey results into assessments and management process, funding of cost of acoustic surveys and discussions.


  • Institutional and Organizational Issues
  • Applications at sea and Operational Challenges
  • Vessels and Equipment
  • Survey Methods
  • Acoustic Data Processing
  • Acoustic Backscattering Cross Section Values
  • Estimation of Abundance
  • Uncertainty of Results
  • Importance of Collection of Biological Data
  • Incorporating Industry survey Results into the Assessment and Management process
  • Funding of Acoustic Surveys
  • Discussion– Workshop Recommendations


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Prep / Asmaa Ahmed
REV / Ayman Ashry

Manage / Zeinab Osman

المصدر: Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (Rome, 2012)

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