Encyclopedia of Fishes

A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide by International Experts

Second Edition


Dr John R. Paxton

Dr William N. Eschmeyer

Dr David Kirshner



With more than 20.000 species, fishes are by far the most numerous group of all verterbrates. They are also the earliest group of backboned animals, having evolved in the seas almost 500 million years ago. And, while they remain confined to water fishes, in all their variety – from massive sharks to diminutive gobies no longer than a thumbnail – now exist in an extraordinarily diverse range of habitats. Salt and fresh water, ocean depths and shallow inland lakes, racing alpine streams and tranquil tropical tide pools are all home to a myriad species. A few species of tiny catfishes called candiru have even found a niche inside the gills of larger fishes.

Fishes are as much at risk of depletion in numbers and, ultimately, extinction as any other creatures. Humans continue to encroach on them and their habitats, while the world's changing climate also takes its toll. In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of the Encyclopedia of Fishes, new conservation information is given on each order, with symbols to denote the three levels of threat – critically endangered, and vulnerable. The distribution maps have been redrawn to reflect the most recent data on species location. Statistics regarding the number of families, genera, and species within each order, and the number of endangered species have also been amended to bring them into line with recent findings. The text has been substantially revised to reflect the latest taxonomic classifications.

Featuring more than 200 spectacular color photographs and 150 meticulously researched illustrations, diagrams, and maps, this book reveals the fascinating world of fishes in an authoritative and stimulating way


Part one: The world of Fishes

Part two: Kinds of Fishes

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Prep/ Asmaa Ahmed

REV/ Ayman Ashry

Manage/ Zeinab Mahmoud Osman


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