Endocrine Glands of the Fish

Notopterus Notopterus


Raghavendre S. Kulkarni


This manuscript entitled "Endocrine glands of the fish, Notopterus notopterus "has been prepared keeping in view of not availability of methodology being adopted for endocrine studies in fish particularly and this complete manuscript is a outcome of my over a 30 years period of my teaching and research experience for post graduate and research students. A comprehensive account of a particular fish species on endocrine glands was not available and I thought that this could help our young researchers carrying research work on comparative endocrinology and more specifically with reference to fish endocrinology and reproduction. With my experience in handling the fish tissue during my doctoral and post doctoral studies at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi under a eminent fish endocrinologist Professor A.G.Sathyanaesan made me to continue my previous research work and further carryout research work on fish endocrinology and biology of reproduction here at Gulbarga University, Kalaburgi on my appointment in the Department of studies and Rresearch in Zoology. I feel and hope the methodology given in this manuscript may help and inspire to carry out the research for future group of students joining research in the field of fish research in the coming years.


Introduction to Fish Endocrinology

1 – Hypohalamo-hypophysial axis in the Fresh water Fish, Notopterus notopterus.

Structure of hypothalamus.

Hypohalamo-neurohypophysial neurosesretory system.

Hypohalamo- hypophysial Vasculature.

Structural Organisation of the Pituitary glands.

Hormones of the Pituitary glands.

2 – Structural Organisation of Pineal Glands and Melatonin.

3 – Structural and Distribution of Thyroid Gland.

Thyroid hormons and its effects.

4 – Structural Organisation of Adrenal Components and Corpuscales of Stannius.

Adrinal Steroids and their effects.

 Structural Organisation of Corpuscales  Stannius.

5 – Structure of the Pancreas and its Hormones.

6 – Gonads and Gonadal hormones.

Structure of testis and testicular cycle.

Testicular steroid synthesising cellular sites.

Testicular steroid hormones.

Structure of the ovary and ovarian cycle.

Ovarian steroid synthesising cellular sites.

Ovarian steroid hormones.

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 Prep. / Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud


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