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Fish Research

Vision for 21st century


Prof. B. N. Pandey


The Present book entitled "Fish Research: Vision for 21st century" comprises 15 articles written by well known experts and research workers in the field of fishes and fisheries as the fisheries sector can play a pivotal role in improving the states economy and solving the nutritional problems besides acting as a tool for rural development and it offers tremendous potentialities for providing new employment opportunities to the vast rural poor. In this book an attempt has been made to highlight the latest development in the field of fish and fisheries. I am grateful to all contributors who responded promptly by making available their papers to me and it is the overwhelming responses which has catalytic impact upon to me to complete the task of publishing this book. This book will be very useful for the students teachers and researchers in the field of fish and fisheries.  This book is dedicated to Prof. Jagadish Ojha, Professor and Head, Dept. of Zoology, TM Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, my teacher and an eminent Ichthyologist of India and aboard, on completion of his 60th anniversary in August 2003.

Once again I thank all the contributors and to the publisher whole hearted cooperation and good will in bringing out this book, in the shortest possible time.


1. Indian Fisheries in the 21st Century: which way to Prosperity?

B.N. Pandey

2. Experimental studies for assessing the pattern of energy allocation by a Himalayan mahseer, Tor putitora (Hamilton).

R.C. Sharma and D. Singh

3. Pneal in teleosts: Areview.

Amitabh Hore

4. Effects of paternal inheritance on the growth of Catla catla.

Gopal Krishan, Neelima Gupta and D.K. Gupta

5. Population structure. Dietary resource utilization and reproductive strategies of sympatic Barilius bendelist and Barilius vagra in lesser Himalayan mountain streams

Prakash Nauitiyal and R.S. Negi

6. Effect of Seramine (Tetra alkyl ammonium Chloride) on the histochemistry of the olfactory epithelium of fresh water catfish, Clarias batrachus (Linn).

Ahmed. Md. Tanweer, Majumdar Kakoli and Abhijit Dutta

7. Olfaction is Fishes – A vision for 21 st Century

Rajesh Kumar Sinha

8. Use of biocidal plant sap for fishing: A positive threat to fish conservation in hill streams.

Jagdfish Ojha

9. Effect of short term exposure to urea on an air breathing bony fish, Channa punctatus (Block) – A light microscopic of the gills.

Majumdar Kakoti, Md. Tanweer Ahmed, Ganga Prasad Singh, Abhijit Dutta

10. Effect of salinity on ammonia excretion of Anabas testudineus (Bloch).

S. Besra and U.P. Sharma

11. Serum glucose as an index of serum titer of corticosteroids during stress response in the catfish.

Syed Ehteshamuddin

12. Toxicological impact of the house hold detergent, Surf on digestive tissues of the freshwater fish.

B.S Jha

13. Pesticidal accumulation and fish health: TSH as bioindicator of Ecotoxicity.

A. Nath

14. Limnology and productivity of Kaithkole lake, Begusarai, North Bihar to assess fish yield potential.

P.N. Pandey, B.K. Gorai, B.C. Jha and D. Palue

15. Lipid peroxidation of fish flesh and tissues as an index of toxicity.

M. Murlidhar and S.D. Belsare

16. Present status of fisheries in Assam.

Umesh C. Goswami and Sanjay Kr. Das

17. Some investigations on the retinomotor responses in a fish.

K.B. Sharmam Tulika Sinha and Anumeha

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Prep. / Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud   


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