An Arab nation …. Is not an illusion 

Nada Amine Awar


When Egypt talks...
What we call today....
The USA...
This is the way...
Nasser one day....
Opened for us....
No need for aid
Free we were born and stayed
Greedy traders’ cells
They trade the land
They never understand
The web of life
Connecting us
Trends with no loss
The same breath we share
An Arab nation
Is not an illusion
Different clans, sects and religions 
Accept each other
Human race forever
Individual cells
Each one is different
Nature intelligent
That is why we are
Each in the way
To march and pray
To die one day
Leaving behind
Footprints to remind
That lifecycles are
Beyond and far
Each nation must
Recognize it fast
To the human race
We all belong
Colors of the face
Connect us strong
Give peace a chance
Sustain your dance
Imperialist USA
You will reach a day
And go away
The law of nature
Never sustains a torture
Your global greed
Will lead you to feed
A lonely cell
With itself in a hell
You are creating
In a planet waiting
For Arctic ice
To stop a melting device


المصدر: An Arab nation …. Is not an illusion: a poem by Nada Amine Awar

ند ى أمين الاعور

الشهادات العلمية تموز، 1988 الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت، بيروت، لبنان ماجستير في الآداب الخبرات المهنية شباط 1995 –حزيران 2001 مؤسسة ومنسقة نشاطات النادي البيئي المدرسي "بلو اند غرين" ، مدرسة يسوع ومريم، الربوة، لبنان. حزيران 1999 - نيسان 2001 مديرة البرامج، شريكة المركز الدولي للتنمية، المتحف، شارع اوتيل ديو، بناية »


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