Seeds and Ears Rot Diseases in Maize

 M. A. AL- Hamdany

Citation: 2006, Iraqi Agriculture Extension), No. 4: 25-28.


        Expected damage on seeds and ears of maize depend mainly on the environmental conditions surrounded the plants. There is too much damage during the worm weather with high humidity. Ears are subject to attack by numerous fungi during the ripening period in spring or autumn seasons. Fungal rot diseases could be classified to two groups based on the favorable conditions for each group. Diseases developed in  Cool& Humid included, Fusarium graminearum  and Tar spot complex disease caused by Phyllachora maydis and Monographella maydis or these developed during worm and humid condition such as : Charcoal ear rot incited by Macrophomina phaseolina,Gray ear rot caused  by Physalospora (Botryosphaeria) zeae, Black kernel rot caused by Botrydiplodia theobromae, F. moniliforme ear rot, Aspergillus ear rot, Penicillium ear rot, Nigrospora ear rot, Acremonium ear rot, Hormodendrum cladosporoides ear rot, and  Stenocarpella maydis ear rot. A package of integrated pest management to overcome or reduce the damage caused by these diseases was discussed.                                     


Key Words: Maize, Ear and Seed Rots diseases,

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