Biological control of Rhizoctonia damping-off in Sesame



 Mouhamed A. AL-Hamdany, M.M. Salih and I.A. AL-Dulaimi

Citation: 1989. Pages, 66-70 in: Proc. Inter. Symp. Biol. Cont. Antalya, Turkey.27-30 November, 1989.


          Sowing sesame seeds in Rhizoctonia solani infested soil reduced the percent germination about 33 in contrast to 11-18% when T 162 of Trichoderma spp. was added to the same soil. Meanwhile, coating the seeds with conidiospores of T 162 did not show any significant difference in disease incidence of pre-emergence damping-off. This failure may be due to insufficient period for T 162 to compete the well established R. solani in the soil. Data of field experiments revealed that data of loss percentages on 30 days old seedlings or adult plant (125 days), were successfully approved the antagonistic activity of T 162 against R. solani regardless the level of infestation. The results revealed also that T 162 of Trichoderma spp. significantly increase the survival number at harvesting time in comparison to the check treatment. The isolate was significantly increased seed yield.


Key words: Sesame, damping-off, R. solani, Biological Control   

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