Shoot apex fasciation in Sesamum indicum with mycoplasma- like Organisms.

K.M. Timimi, F.A.Fattah and M.A. AL-Hamdany

Citation: 1989. Plant Pathology, 138: 300-304.


Shoot apex fasciation was observed in sesame crops in central Iraq. The symptoms included flattening of the shoot apex, shortened internodes, and intense proliferation of leaf and flower buds. Mycoplasma-like organisms were detected by electron microscopy in sieve elements of fasciated plants but not in normal plants. Plants sown in July showed less fasciation than plants sown in June or May. Almost no fasciation occurred on plants grown inside insect-proof cages, irrespective of their origin from seed of fasciated or normal plants. Insect-borne and not seed-borne transmission is therefore suggested.                                                                                                


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