Developing two mildew resistant and high productivity barley cultivars

M.A. AL-Hamdany, M.M. Salih, A.T. Amin, J.A. Sabar, and N.R. Shuraida

 1999. Iraqi J. Agric., 4(4):1-7.


          Two mildew resistant barley cultivars Rafidain 1 and Furat 9 have been successfully developed through a breeding program. The parents were the induced mutant na/20 (Induced from Numar) and the barley cultivarNumar respectively. The two parents were crossed individually with mildew resistant source (H-421). The new cultivars were developed from selected lines of F5BC3 and were markedly surpassed their parents

 in the following characters, length of spike, weight of 1000 seeds, number of tillers and the yield. The yield trials under farmer conditions ranged from 1040 to 1208 Kg/donum. Moreover Rafidain 1 has shown resistant reaction against stripe disease beside its mildew resistance.                                       

Key words: Barley, Mildew resistance, Source of mildew resistance



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