The Role of Some Fungal Isolates Associated with Green Color Lint Seeds on Stimulating Emergence of Cotton Seedlings.

Authors: Younus, M.M.B., M.A. Al-Hamdany, S.N. Abdul-Wahab and I. Abas

Citation: 2012. Arab Journal of Plant Protection, 30: 11-16.



The seedling emergence stimulation effect observed in cotton seeds with green color lint was found associated with many fungal isolates of Aspergillus spp. Coating cotton seeds with spores of some isolates or treating seeds with cultural filtrates of Aspergillus flavus-oryzae, A. nidulans and A. clavatus individually or in combination, was found to significantly increase seedlings emergence. When different fungal isolates were compared, Aspergillus flavus-oryzae was found to be the best. Moreover, these fungal isolates, significantly improved the seedling root dry weight and length compared to those of untreated cotton seeds.


Keywords: Cotton, stimulation of seedling emergence, Aspergillus spp.

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