Production of high classes of potato tubers by soillees culture technique

Authors: I.S. AL-Sadawi, M.A. AL-Hamdany, F.H. Khuzaaly.and K. A. Al-Timimi

Citation: 2004. Iraqi J. Agric. 9(3): 106-112.


Soilless culture system has been constructed in greenhouse using three types of sands and its efficiency for production of foundation seeds of potato of two cultivars has been evaluated. Rate of emergence was increased in all kind of sands and reached 100% at 20 days after planting. The number of days to maturity was reduced to 85 days compared to 110 days in conventional cultivation. Growth and number of tubers were increased in black and red sands than in white sand. About 69.5% of the tubers produced can be planted in soil while the remained tubers can be replanted in sand culture. The nutrient composition was determined using locally produced salts.

Key words:  Potato, soilless culture, sand culture


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