Diagnosis air pollution symptoms on plants

 Mohammed  AL-Hamdany

Citation: 1999, J. of Agriculture and Development in Arab World, 1999 No. 2: 50-61.


          The absence of the odorless and tasteless traits in the   air typically reflects the term air pollution which mean that the air has become polluted .The reason behind air pollution depend mainly on the source of the pollution. However, it's well known that the air pollution caused damage to the plants and that damage should be well investigated because similar symptoms are caused by different microorganisms. The  most air pollutants are, chlorine, ethylene, fluorine, ozone, peroxyacyl nitrate, Nitrogen oxides, particulates and sulfur dioxide. The symptoms caused by every air pollutant on the plants could be chronic or acute. The sources of air pollutants which caused damage to the plants are: 30% from the Industry, 28% from the transportation, 26% from the Power and 16% from the others.                                                                                      


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