Chemical Analysis of Fish Pond Soil and Water


G. N. Chattopadhyay


            Increasing attentions are now being paid towards soil and water quality management of different fish culture systems, especially in fish ponds, with a view to improving their productivity potentials. This is usually achieved through monitoring of soil and water properties of the ecosystem at various stages. Adequate knowledge about different analytical procedures for assessment of these properties are the basic pre-requisites for these exercises.

             There are numbers of good publications on chemical analysis of fish pond soil and water and most of them deal with the subject in very comprehensive manner. Although such literatures are highly useful for the researchers and other persons involved in studies on chemistry of the aquatic ecosystems, yet much of the knowledge are usually not so essential for most of the workers engaged in fisheries development without much background in chemistry. During my long association with fisheries research, I had been feeling the need of a hand book on analyses of fish pond soil and water which will be useful to those people, having only moderate knowledge in chemistry, to carry out their day to day analytical work with good accuracy and considerable ease. In this book, therefore, I have tried to describe various procedures of different chemical analyses in such a manner so that they become easily accessible to anyone who is interested in the subject and is having only some basic knowledge in chemistry.

            I shall be happy if this hand book can prove itself useful to the aquaculturists during the courses of their exercises with analysis of fish pond soil and water. Any suggestion or comment for improving the usability of the book will be highly appreciated.


1 - Introduction

2  - Water Analysis 

    2.1 Collection of Water Sample

     ■ Procedures of water Sampling

    ■ Preservation of water Samples

    2.2 Analysis of Water Sample

      ■ PH                                           Electrical Conductivity

      ■ Salinity                                     Total Solids (TDS, TSS, TVS, TVDS)

   ■Calcium and Magnesium            Hardness

   ■ Potassium                                     Sodium

   ■ Alkalinity                                       Chloride          

   ■ Suphate                                         Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen

   ■ Phosphorus                                   Dissolved Oxygen

   ■ Free Carbon Di-oxide                  Dissolved Organic Matter

  ■ Biochemical Oxygen Demand    Chemical Oxygen Demand 

  ■ Phenol                                           Hydrogen Sulphide

  ■ Chlorine                                       Temperature

  ■ Turbidity                                        Alum Requirement

  ■ Primary Productivity                  Chlorophyll-a

3 - Soil Analysis

3.1 Collection of soil Samples

     ■ Procedures of soil sampling

     ■ Processing of soil samples

   3.2 Analsis of Soils 

PH                                            Lime Requirement

Gypsum Requirement            Alkaline Earth Carbonate

Electrical Conductivity          Organic Carbon

Cation Exchange Capacity   Exchangeable Bases

Exchangeable Sodium Percentage

Nitrogen                           Phosphorus

Potassium                       Soil Texture

Density                            Water Holding Capacity

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Prep. /Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud

المصدر: Daya Publishing House & Astral International Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi

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