Biology and Ecology of Carp


Constanze Pietsch

Philipp E. Hirsch


Carp are unlike other group of fish species. In fact, they are special to such an extent, that we feel a whole book dedicated to all aspects of the biology and ecology of carp is warranted.

While justifying the many aspects of carp in only a single volume may seem overambitious to some others might wonder whether there is really so much to say about a single fish. Despite this being a daunting task, we are confident that this book offers something to learn for the expert and the novice alike.


Part1: Genetics of Common Carp and Koi Carp.

  • The Natural History of Common Carp and Kio Carp Genetics.
  • Japanese Ornamental Kio Carp: Origin, Variation and Genetics

Part 2: Aquaculture and Nutrition of Carp.

  • Carp Aquaculture in Europe and Asia.
  • Reproduction and first Feeding of Carp.
  • Chromosome Set Manipulation, Sex Control and Gene Transfer in Common Carp.
  • Traditional Feeding of Common Carp and Strategies for Replacement of fish Meal.

Prt3:- Diseases and Immune Response to Carp.

  • Disease Aqents and Parasites of Carp.
  • The Carp Immune System and Immune Responses to Pathogens.

Part4:- Ecology.

  • Feeding Ecology of Carp.
  • Carp as an Invasive Species.
  • Recreational Fishing for Carp-Implications for Management and Growth of carp Populations.

Part5:- Toxicology.

  • Effects of Pesticides on Carp.
  • Impact of Natural Toxins on Common Carp.


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Prep/ Asmaa Ahmed

Manage/ Mona Mahmoud 

المصدر: CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group

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