Conservation of Freshwater Fishes


Gerard P. Closs, Martine Krkosek and Julian D. Olden


          Freshwater fish are one of the most diverse groups of vertebrates, but are also amongst the most threatened. With contributions from leaders in the field, this is the first assessment of the global state of freshwater fish diversity, synthesising the opportunities, challenges and barriers facing the conservation of freshwater fish biodiversity. The book includes the first global assessment of the number, type and distribution of threatened freshwater fish species, discussing the features of freshwater fish biology and ecology that render so many species vulnerable to extinction. Introductory chapters on why freshwater fish are so sensitive to environmental change and disturbance lead into chapters providing detailed reviews of the key threatening processes and potential solutions. A concluding chapter summarises the key issues and looks to the future for opportunities and challenges for the conservation and management of freshwater fish.



1. Lost fishes, who is counting? The extent of the threat to freshwater fish biodiversity. 

 William R. T. Darwall and Jörg Freyhof

2. Why are freshwater fish so threatened?

Gerard P. Closs, Paul L. Angermeier, William R. T. Darwall and Stephen R. Balcombe

3. Climate change effects on freshwater fishes, conservation and management. Jani Heino, Jaakko Erkinaro, Ari Huusko and Miska Luoto;

 4. Challenges and opportunities for fish conservation in dam-impacted waters. Julian D. Olden;

5. Chemical pollution.

 Nathaniel L. Scholz and Jenifer K. McIntyre;

6. Multiple stressor effects on freshwater fish: a review and meta-analysis. Christoph D. Matthaei and Katharina Lange;

7. Infectious disease and the conservation of freshwater fish.

 Martin Krkosek and Robert Poulin;

8. Non-indigenous fishes and their role in freshwater fish imperilment.

 M. Jake Vander Zanden, Nicolas W. R. Lapointe and Michael P. Marchetti;

9. Riparian management and the conservation of stream ecosystems and fishes. Mark S. Wipfli and John S. Richardson;

10. Fragmentation, connectivity and fish species persistence in freshwater ecosystems.

 Keith B. Gido, James E. Whitney, Joshuah S. Perkin and Thomas F. Turner;

11. Conservation of migratory fishes in freshwater ecosystems.

 Peter B. McIntyre, Catherine Reidy Liermann, Evan Childress, Ellen J. Hamann, J. Derek Hogan, Stephanie R. Januchowski-Hartley, Aaron A. Koning, Thomas M. Neeson, Daniel L. Oele and Brenda M. Pracheil;

12. Protecting apex predators.

 Kirk O. Winemiller, Paul Humphries and Bradley J. Pusey;

13. Artificial propagation of freshwater fishes: benefits and risks to recipient ecosystems from stocking, translocation, and re-introduction.

 John Epifanio and Robin Waples;

14. Freshwater conservation planning.

Virgilio Hermoso, Simon Linke, Stephanie R. Januchowski-Hartley and Mark J. Kennard;

15. Sustainable inland fisheries - perspectives from the recreational, commercial and subsistence sectors from around the globe.

 Steven J. Cooke, Vivian M. Nguyen, John M. Dettmers, Robert Arlinghaus, Michael C. Quist, Denis Tweddle, Olaf L. F. Weyl, Rajeev Raghavan, Marcela Portocarrero-Aya, Edwin Agudelo Córdoba and Ian G. Cowx;

16. Understanding and conserving genetic diversity in a world dominated by alien introductions and native transfers: the case study of primary and peripheral freshwater fishes in Southern-Europe.

 Valerio Ketmaier and Pier Giorgio Bianco;

 17. Maintaining taxonomic skills: the decline of taxonomy - a threat to fish conservation.

 Maria J. Collares-Pereiram, Paul H. Skelton and Ian G. Cowx;

18. Synthesis - what is the future of freshwater fishes?

 Gerard P. Closs, Martin Krkosek and Julian D. Olden; Index.

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  Prep. / Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud

المصدر: Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom
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