(Fish Pathology (4ed


Ronald J. Roberts


Control of fish diseases has been one of the major factors in allowing this growth in farmed fish production to take place. Our knowledge of fish pathology has expended dramatically over the past decade, underpinned by the remarkable developments that have taken place in molecular biology and immunopathology. This had made production of a single text, which attempts to encapsulate the main aspects all of the different disciplines of which the subject is comprised, rather challenging, this will, I suspect, be the last time that any one will attempt such an all-embracing task. The individual subjects which make up fish pathology have now themselves grown to a size where they each demand their own monographs.

The study of fish diseases requires a wide knowledge not only of the potential pathogens but also of the environmental constraints and specialist adoptions which govern the exothermic, aqueous existence of the teleosts. The inflammatory and immune responses of fishes are greatly modified by the nature of their environment. These in turn, influence the epizootiology and the clinical characteristics of the various conditions and the methods by which they can be controlled.    



  • The Aquatic Environment.
  • The Anatomy and Pathology of Teleost.
  • The Pathology and Systematic Pathology of teleosts.
  • The Immunology of Teleosts.
  • The virology of Teleosts.
  • The Parasitology of Teleosts.
  • The Bacteriology of teleosts.
  •  The Nutritional Pathology of Teleosts.
  • Miscellaneous Non-infectious Diseases.
  • Laboratory Methods.


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Prep/ Asmaa Ahmed
Manage/ Mona Mahmoud


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