Classification and Identification Freshwater Fishes


C.J. Hiware, R.T. Pawar
J.M. Gaikwad, S.R. Sonawane


Freshwater resources are always under increasing pressure throughout the world. The human population is always under accelerated growth rate and the per capita water demand for a variety of uses is also high and increasing. Freshwater resources are becoming forever more important because of its many fold utility. As the freshwater ecosystems are dynamic and always exposed to different situations. The fishes are most important component inhabiting in such resources along with the other organisms and among the most threatened unit worldwide with a large percentage of species assigned to some level of danger. In many parts of our country the freshwater fisheries providing gainful employment and is an important source of protein rich food for local populations. It has commercial and recreational value also. The freshwater fishes are having especial importance among the aquatic biota as they serve the dual roles as major sources of food protein and also its important role in the health and vitality of freshwater ecosystems.

The process of conception of this book was started from 2006 and after a long time gap it has came in existence. At that time, university Grants Commission, New Delhi had funded 3-years project on “Diversity, population dynamics and histopathological studies of Cestode parasites from freshwater fishes of Marathwada region, Maharashtra State, India”  and it was carried out at the department of zoology, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marthwada University. Aurgagabad, Maharashtra State, India. From the start of the project it was of the project it was thought to have the book on the freshwater fishes of the region and it was organized, accordingly arranged to collect the total relevant data. One of the objectives in the project was to study the diversity of Piscean fauna from Marathwada region and accordingly by selecting some important freshwater resources and the localities the work had been carried out. It is the sincere attempt made to record the biological diversity of piscian fauna from the Marathwada region which differ greatly in their taxonomic composition and species richness.

The book is organized in four main chapters:- the first chapter describes the main components of General aspects, classification and key for the identification of fishes. The second chapter deals with the morphological variations. The third chapter presents various measurements and counts used for the diagnosis. Finally, the fourth chapter is devoted to the Systematics of fishes.


  • General Aspects of Fishes.
  • Morphological Variation.
  • Measurements and Counts Used for the Diagnoses.
  • Systematic Section.

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Prep/ Asmaa Ahmed
Manage/ Mona Mahmoud

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