Prehistoric Human Culture in Egypt

Project for the capacity building of

The Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority (EGSMA) and The National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS)

In cooperation with UNDP and UNESCO (EGY/97/011)

(Executed by UNESCO Cairo Office)

Prepared by

Ali A. Mazher – Attiya M. Radwan – M. El Hinnawi – Ali A. Barakat – Mohsen I. Ali

Reviewed and edited by

Fred Wendorf – Samir Riad – M. L. El Khawaga – E. R. Philobbes

Cairo, Egypt, 2005


The prehistoric period in Egypt is often overlooked in favor of better-known eras such as the Old Kingdom, when the pyramids were built, and the Golden Age of the New Kingdom. Most archaeologists in Egypt tend to concentrate on historic sites, perhaps in part because there is more glamour and fame in discovering artifacts, tombs, temple and mummies. Prehistoric archaeology in Egypt has been relatively neglected, with far fewer expeditions concentrating on the era. However, the seeds of pharaonic civilization were planted in the millennia before the down of history, and it is an important and fascinating period in its own right. Therefore, I feel that we should encourage universities from all over the world to come and do more surveys of sites from this period.

This impressive publication is the result of cooperation between the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and UNDP/UNESCO Capacity Building Project. In addition to reviewing the history of prehistoric excavations in Egypt and introducing the basic characteristics of the era, it presents the data collected on 106 important prehistoric sites, and provides a detailed discussion of prehistoric lithics in Egypt. It will be useful not only to scholars and students but to anyone interested in the rise of Egyptian civilization.

The supreme council of antiquities recognizes the importance of prehistory. We have founded a new department within the SCA, which will be in charge of inventorying and recording the prehistoric artifacts in our magazines. We also hope to coordinate our efforts with this excellent project, so that we can work together to advance understanding of the foundations of our ancient culture. As our first contribution to this project, SCA is proud to print this volume.



Part One: - Sites of Prehistoric Human Culture in Egypt.

  • Outline of Research History.
  • Locations of Studies Sites.
  • Chronological Sequence of Paleolithic and Neolithic Culture Industries.
  • Detailed Description of Some Important Sites in the Western Desert and Nile Valley.
  • Recommendations.

Part Two: - A Monograph of the Prehistoric Lithic and Ceramics Industries in the Nile Valley and Western Desert.

  • The Lower Paleolithic.
  • The middle Paleolithic.
  • The upper Paleolithic.
  • The late Paleolithic.
  • The Neolithic.
  • Neolithic Ceramics of the Nabta area, Western Desert.

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Prep/ Asmaa Ahmed
Manage/ Zeinab Osman 

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