Safety Recommendations for Decked Fishing Vessels of less than 12 metres in Length and Undecked Fishing Vessels


       The purpose of the Safety Recommendations contained in this publication is to provide information on the design, construction, equipment, training and protection of the crews of small fishing vessels with a view to promoting the safety of the vessel and the safety and the health of the crews. The Safety Recommendations may also serve as a guide for those concerned with the safety of vessels used in support of aquaculture activities.

         They are not intended as a substitute for national laws and regulations but may serve as a guide to those persons concerned with farming such national laws and regulations. Unless otherwise stated, the provisions of the  Safety Recommendations are intended to apply to new decked vessels of less than 12m in length and new undecked vessels intended to operate at sea (as well as on oceans, rivers, lakes, and dams, or on any body of water). Nevertheless, even where not otherwise stated, the competent authority should as far as reasonable and practical give consideration to the application of these provisions to existing vessels.


Chapter 1 – General provisions

Chapter 2 – Construction, watertight integrity and equipment

Chapter 3 – Stability and associated seaworthiness

Chapter 4 – Machinery and electrical installations

Chapter 5 – Fire protection and fire fighting

Chapter 6 – Protection of the crew

Chapter 7 – Life-saving appliances

Chapter 8 – Emergency procedures and safety training

Chapter 9 – Radio communications

Chapter 10 – Navigational equipment

Chapter 11 – Crew accommodation

Chapter 12 – Manning, training and competence

Prep/ Ayman Ashry

Manage/ Zeinab Osman

المصدر: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) – Rome 2012

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