The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fishes


Pamela Bristow

From A Text by

Karel pivnicka and Karel Cerny

Illustrated by

Kvetoslav Hisek


The Comprehensive and colourful book presents a wide selection of European fishes, including those which live in ponds and streams, and the familiar small coastal fishes found in rock pools or on sandy beaches. Also included are many of the strange inhabitants of the deeper ocean waters around Europe, and the marine fishes that form such an important source of our food.

The full introduction provides useful background information to the fishes as a group – their anatomy, biology and ecology together with a survey of their economic importance and the traditional and modern techniques used to catch them

Every species is beautifully illustrated with full colour artworks, plus drawing of particular features and distribution maps where appropriate

  • 256 species of fish described, with details of their identifying features, feeding and spawning habits, habitat, and sporting and angling importance
  • Useful fact panels for every species, giving at-a-glance information such as vital statistics and distribution
  • Comprehensive introduction covers all aspects of fish anatomy, along with a survey of their significance to man

  • Beautifully illustrated throughout in full colour


Extensive General introduction on Fishes, covering:

Anatomy – Biology – Ecology – Economic Importance – Fishing Techniques

Descriptions of all the Groups of European fishes, including:

Lampreys and Hagfishes – Sharks and Rays

Salmon and Trout – Herring and Smelts

Carp and Bream – Perch and Bass – Eels

Gobies and Sculpins – Tunnyfishes Flatfishes


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Prep/ Asmaa Ahmed

Manage/ Zeinab Mahmoud Osman


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