Biotechnological Applications in Fish Seed Production


C. Judith Betsy & J. Stephen Sampath Kumar


Fish seed production is the major aspect in aquaculture development. Till date, the demand exceeds the supply that emphasizes the need for positive interventions in the fish seed production. Biotechnological techniques are possible means to enhance the seed production that can fill the big gap existing in the demand. However, their application is at infant stage which is attributed to the poor knowledge of the techniques. This book provides the details of biotechnological applications in fish seed production through a best compilation of the results available at different places of the globe. It deals with subjects from hypophysation technique to gene mapping with detailed description of methods like cryopreservation, transgenesis, gene transfer, hybridization, selective breeding, chromosome manipulation and sex reversal. It underscores the importance of basic knowledge on the particular technology and its possible effect or outcome in the field. The authors have bestow greater attention and exercised utmost care in giving the best possible text in the subject. The general readers and aquaculturists can reap the benefits of technical knowledge in the fish seed production.   


 Introduction -

 Hormone Inducement -

 Hybridization in Fishes -

 Selective Breeding in Fishes -

 Chromosome Mainpulation -

 Sex Reversal in Fishes -

 Cryopreservation in Fishes -

 Transgenesis -

 Gene Mapping and DNA Markers -

 Micro Diets in Larval Nutrition -

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Prep. /Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud


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