Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management


Marilyn Chakroff and Peace Corps

About this manual ……

Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management is the second in a series of Publications being prepared by the United States Peace Corps and Vita, Volunteers in Technical Assistance. These publications combine Peace Corpsˈ practical field experiences with VITA's technical expertise in areas in which development workers have special difficulties finding useful resource materials. 

Peace Corps

Since 1961 Peace Corps Volunteers have worked at the grass roots level in countries around the world in program areas such as agriculture, public health, and education. Before beginning their two-year assignments, Volunteers are given training in cross-culture, technical, and language skills. This training helps them to live and work closely with the people of their host countries. It helps them, too, to approach development problems with new ideas that make use of locally available resources and are appropriate to local cultures.

Recently Peace Corps established an Information Collection& Exchange so that these ideas developed during service in the field could be made available to the wide range of development workers who might find them useful. Materials from the field are now being collected, reviewed, and classified in the Information Collection & Exchange system. The most useful materials will be shared. The information Collection & Exchange provides an important source of field-based research materials for the production of how-to manuals such as Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management.



Planning: The Site and the Type of Fish Farm

Planning: Selection of Fish

Fish Pond Construction

Preparing the Pond

Managing the Pond

Harvesting the Pond

Preserving Fish

Problems of fish in ponds

Other Methods of Fish Culture

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Prep. /Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud


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