Handbook of Microbiology and Parasitology


Dr. U. N. Panda


Most human diseases are caused by micro organisms, either by their direct cytopathic effect or by immune aberration. In developing and under developed countries parasites and helminthes claim many lives. Hence study of microbiology and parasitology is of immense importance for medical as well as dental students; students of physiotherapy and nursing and all personnel involved in health care delivery.  

In this small handbook I have tried to depict the voluminous texts of microbiology and parasitology in a crisp and concise manner. Detailed descriptions have been deliberately omitted. I am sure the book will be of immense help to students of medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing and allied health care personnel. All suggestions for improvement are cordially welcome.


1 – Introduction to microbiology

2 – Bacterial morphology

3 – Bacterial metabolism

4 – Media for bacterial growth

5 – Bacterial classification and identification

6 – Sterilization and dysinfection

7 – Bacterial genetics and immunity

8 – Systemic bacteriology

9 – Virology

10 – Mycology

11 – Protozoal infections

12 – Helminthology

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Prep. /Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud


المصدر: Aitbs Publishers, India
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