This radiation safety manual provides a basic summary of the information which one should be familiar with before handling radioactive materials here at the University and Health Center Hospitals. Four principal issues to be covered are: 1. Legal structure covering the possession, use, disposal, and transportation of radioactive materials, along with specific State and Federal regulations;

2. Health risks or harmful biological effects associated with exposure to ionizing radiation;

3. Radiation protection concepts or measures which can be taken to limit or reduce one's exposure to radiation;

4. The programs, policies, and requirements established by the Radiation Safety Office that govern the use of radioactive materials here at the University and Health Center Hospitals. This information is intended to supplement, not to replace, the University's Radiation Safety Committee policy manual, Regulations Regarding the Safe Use of Sources of Ionizing Radiation. It still remains the responsibility of the Authorized User to provide specific instruction on safe radiation practices for the particular type of radiation work being performed in the laboratory. 


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